Testimonials from people I have worked with over the years.

I work with Christine on a variety of projects. She is knowledgeable, professional, easy to work with, and an excellent writer. With Zetta’s heavy content creation schedule, I like knowing an independent writer who can hit the ground running.   (Courtenay Troxel, Content Marketing, Zetta.net)


Christine is a superb writer and knows how to convert complex technical concepts into a language understood by IT. She gains insight into these technologies and business issues quickly and gets to the meat of what matters to the IT practitioner.She also seriously cares about her clients and will do all that is necessary to get the job done to their satisfaction. (Arun Taneja, Principal and Founder, Taneja Group)


I worked with Christine for a number of years while she was at the Taneja Group. She is one of the most knowledgeable technology people I’ve interviewed. Her ability to explain and discuss complex technical topics with common language and style is fairly unique in the IT industry. I would recommend her to any company looking for a writer and editor that understands how to convey technical information to a variety of audiences. (Todd Erickson, News & Features Writer at TechTarget Inc.)


I worked with Christine on a webinar that she moderated for Iron Mountain Consulting. She did an excellent job, both in helping us to prepare for the webinar and in serving as the moderator. Moderating webinars is not easy – it is difficult to keep them informative, interesting, and (most of all) on time. In my experience (having done many webinars and lead a few myself), Christine did the job at the level that few others can. I hope one day to be able to work with her again. (Michael Simon, Seven Samurai and Boston University School of Law)


“You really nailed the tone, style, and technical details. I made only a very small number of edits, less than I have made on any piece from a contractor in 2 years here.”  (Nick Mueller)

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