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Christine Taylor content writing servicesGood content writing looks easier than it really is. You need a highly readable style. You need subject matter expertise. You need to understand your readers and what they want and need to know. And the stuff you create needs to be compelling enough to stand out in a deluge of content. And even if you have the expertise to create good content, do you have the time? Unless you’re a professional offering content writing services, probably not.

Christine Taylor content writing servicesHere’s how it goes. You’re a marketing pro on staff or at an agency. You need to write a white paper to launch an exciting new product. You know you need to, you even want to. But it’s a big project and you keep pushing it to the side in favor of attending to a hundred launch details.

And eventually that white paper just never happens. Ces’t la vie… except look at all the cash that got left behind too.

It would have taken you 12 hours to write it. If you make $75 an hour, your client or company essentially saved $900… but that same white paper would have brought in 350 leads, of which 5% would have purchased your product at $3500 apiece. That’s a conservative total of $6150 left on the table. That’s pretty poor ROI. Even if no one else knows what happened, you do.

And why go there, when all you needed to do was use expert content writing services? You would still get the launch going in fine style and you only invested a few thousand dollars to get the white paper written – for a return of $6150 instead of a loss. Pretty good ROI. Pretty darned good.

Content Writing Services

Christine Taylor content writing servicesChristine Taylor is offers content writing services to technology B2B businesses. She can create that white paper, ebook, case study, article, blog or web page. She’s your secret weapon for pumping out high value, high return content that gets more qualified leads and more and better sales.

Ready to bring your copywriting to the next revenue-producing level? Email or call Christine at 760-249-0671 and let’s talk about how content writing services can make you money today.




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