What Content Writers Need to Know

b2b copywritingWrite to customer personas. Find out what motivates them and worries them at work. Write educational content they can use today and product-specific content when they’re ready to buy.

Understand their paint points. Write core content to answer the big questions that define your prospects. Then sharpen the message by writing specific content to different customer segments.

People are people, not data points. Tell business stories about your company, and how you made your customers’ lives more productive, easier, or more profitable.

Create a lot of content. Create infographics, eBooks, and video scripts for brand awareness. Write business white papers, blogs, case studies, and presentations. Collaborate on technical white papers, focused case studies, and field reports. Aim for quality AND quantity – you can do it by creating consistently, and leveraging each piece to create or revise other pieces.

Reach out for help when you need it. Work with B2B writers to get your core content started, or to keep up with ongoing content creation like blogs or newsletters.

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